A New Addition to the Headwaters Parade of Horses Has Been Unveiled!

Meet Sir Headwaters

By Deborah Jolly


Sir Headwaters Joins the Headwaters Parade of Horses!

Sir Headwaters is the newest addition to the press release Sir HeadwatersHeadwaters Parade of Horses. Sir Headwaters was lovingly painted by Headwaters artist, Deborah Jolly at the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo, April 1-3, 2016. The statue was first unveiled at the Headwaters Horse Country Excellence Awards gala, May 11, 2016 and is now in place at its new home at the Headwaters Tourism offices in Mono (246372 Hockley Road).

Sir Headwaters joins the 26 other Headwaters Parade of Horses statues which were created as a legacy to the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

The inspiration for Sir Headwaters (in the words of Deborah Jolly)

Sir Headwaters represents a gentle lord and pastoral keeper of Headwaters. He offers a courteous, watchful, and proud eye over all of the equine beauties of the Headwaters region and beyond.

Sir Headwaters has a base of Headwaters green with little daisies all over the body, invoking the feeling of a pasture or meadowland in summer. He has brown grasses rising up his legs and an overlay of the Headwaters region showing Caledon, Dufferin, Erin & King. The trillium flower and fence are a nod to the Headwaters Horse Country logo.

His overall presence offers a sentiment of peace and calm and a classic, self-assured timeliness. Light. Airy. Sunshine-y. Like a smile you will never forget.

About the Parade of Horses

The Headwaters Equine Leadership Group presented the Headwaters Parade of Horses, a whimsical and unique series of outdoor horse sculptures featuring 26 fiberglass horses transformed through the creativity of talented artisans. These magnificent sculptures have been vibrantly brought to life to reflect the spirit of the Headwaters.

Each statue stands at 15 hands and measures 18 inches wide (chest), 8 feet 3 inches in length, 6 feet at the highest point, and weighs 150 pounds.

Throughout the month of May 2015, the statues were resident guests at the Caledon Equestrian Park, visited regularly by their artists who painstakingly and lovingly brought them to life. By the end of the process, the horses all had names and definite personalities that reflected the vision and inspiration of their artists.

The public were invited to purchase one of the horses in the parade, and the 26 patrons who are now “horse owners” stepped up to generously support this undertaking, and help bring the vision to life.

25 of the Headwaters Parade of Horses statues are permanently on display throughout the Headwaters Region (Caledon, Dufferin, Erin & King) where visitors and residents have an opportunity to follow the “trail”, take photos and learn the story about the inspiration for each of these magnificent works of art.

About the artist: Deborah Jolly

Canadian artist, Deborah Jolly uses alla-prima techniques, intense colour, and existential philosophies to create high-energy abstract artworks in oil and acrylic. Using fingers, palette knives, and the occasional brush, Jolly denies structure and deliberation to expose texture and movement as her signature. A relentless creator, Jolly embraces her instinctive, frenetic process, knowing that time is never truly on her side.

Jolly’s works are held in Private Collections in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Glasgow, New York, and Tokyo, as well as Commercial Collection, held in Montreal.

Deborah also created “Missy”, part of the original Parade of Horses collection. Missy was purchased by Dutch Masters and was generously donated to the Caledon Equestrian Park, where she now stands proudly showcasing the best of Headwaters Horse Country.


Headwaters Horse Country is a collaborative initiative in support of the equine sector in the Headwaters, including the Town of Caledon, County of Dufferin, Town of Erin and King Township. Headwaters Horse Country is an initiative of the Headwaters Equine Leadership Group. HELG is a committee of Headwaters Tourism and supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


The Headwaters Equine Leadership Group steering committee includes:

Ross Millar (Chair), James Boyd, Elaine Capes, Sandra Dolson, Michele Harris, Linda Pabst, Jamie Smyth & Gary van Bolderen

For further information, photographs or interviews please contact:

Vicki Sword

Project Manager, Headwaters Horse Country

Headwaters Tourism

519.942.0314 ext. 204