2017 Horse Country Excellence Awards

Celebrating Excellence in the Equine Industry – 2017



The Headwaters Equine Leadership Group celebrated leadership & dedication to the equine industry at the Headwaters Horse Country Excellence Awards on September 30th, 2017. Hosted at the Caledon Equestrian Park, as the competition season came to an end for 2017, recipients, their guests and industry colleagues enjoyed a casual evening of networking, followed by official recognition of four equine industry leaders who exemplify excellence and who, through their work and vision, have helped the Headwaters region become a centre of equine excellence in the Province of Ontario.

The awards recognized the following Headwaters industry leaders.

Equestrian Management Group


The Leadership in Industry Building award honoured the Equestrian Management Group in recognition of their significant contributions demonstrating outstanding leadership, dedication and life-long service aiming to grow the equine industry in Headwaters and beyond.

The award was presented to EMG partners Craig Collins, John Weir and Bob Carey by Town of Caledon Councillor, Nick deBoer.  The Equestrian Management Group has helped position the Town of Caledon and Headwaters Horse Country as an internationally recognized destination for horse sport competition.




Angelstone Tournaments

LEADERSHIP IN PROMOTING THE EQUINE SPORT Sponsored by Dutch Masters Design & Construction Services

The Leadership in Promoting the Equine Sport award was presented to Angelstone Tournaments in recognition of their service and dedication to the ongoing growth and development of the equine sport and industry in Headwaters.

The award was presented by Town of Erin Councillor, John Brennan, who spoke about the impact Angelstone Tournaments has made in the Town of Erin and indeed the entire Headwaters region.

“Angelstone Tournaments is bringing out new competitors and new audiences to equestrian sport, which is a great thing for our entire industry ” said award sponsor and President of Dutch Masters Design & Construction, Gary vanBolderen.



Susan Fripp

LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE Sponsored by Rodeo Management Group (Ross Millar Entertainment Group)

The Leadership for the Future award was presented to Susan Fripp in recognition of her passion for the equine industry and her commitment to developing meaningful partnerships between youth and the industry.

The award recognizes Susan’s lifetime commitment to providing a place where people of all ages and walks of life can learn to ride safely, correctly, and where they can gain an appreciation and education for all things equestrian.

Susan Fripp is the owner of the Caledon Equestrian School, and a long-term champion of the equine industry in Headwaters and all of Ontario.




Nobleton Feed Mill & Budson’s

LEADERSHIP IN EQUINE BUSINESS Sponsored by Headwaters Tourism.

The Leadership in Equine Business award was presented to Nobleton Feed Mill & Budson’s  in recognition of their commitment to and impact on the growth and development of the equine industry in Headwaters.

The award was presented to Alf Budweth Jr. and Dave Budweth, owners of Nobleton Feed Mill and Budson’s, and recognizes not only their family’s long-term commitment to the equestrian and agriculture sector in Headwaters, but also honours and recognizes their entire team who deliver outstanding service to their customers across the region.




Awards by Ann Clifford

The Award

The award was created by Ann Clifford in the design of her award winning statue entitled Wide Open Spaces.  The statue incorporates the variety of landscapes found in Headwaters including hills, rocks, streams and farmer’s fences.



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