BERNARD by Silver Creek Arts Project

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Artist:  Silver Creek Arts Project

Purchaser & Location: 

Best Western Orangeville Inn & Suites

7 Buena Vista Drive, Orangeville


Meet Bernard

Bernard is a quarterhorse who grew up on a Caledon farm – at the age of three he ran away to join the circus.  After a long, successful career as Harlequin the Trickster, this retired circus star is proud to call the Best Western Plus Orangeville Inn & Suites home.  Bernard is gentle, playful and loves children.

Bernard was designed by Gail Prussky, with help from Diana Hillman, and was hand-painted by the artists of Silver Creek Arts Project.


















About Silver Creek Arts Untitled

16849 Kennedy Road, Caledon(519) 927-5639


Beautiful, fun fine art and craft from Headwaters’ award-winning arts collective. Annual autumn art show in a 150-year old barn and pop-ups in the area throughout the year.

Project Artists

Diana Hillman:

Diana Hillman works primarily in oils (on canvas, wood panel and paper) but occasionally branches out into print-making, watercolours and ceramics.

Many of her recent oil paintings are inspired by scenes glimpsed through the ready-made picture frame of the car window. This Road Works Series has been the subject of solo shows in Canada and the U.S.

Gail Prussky:

Gail Prussky was born a long time ago, around the same time that Louis Pasteur was playing with milk.

She studied art in university, and then turned around and went to work as an addiction therapist, two VERY different disciplines that clearly demonstrate just how confused Gail’s sensibilities have been.

Born and raised in Toronto, Gail moved to twenty-three beautiful acres in the country two years ago, where she currently lives with her husband and her two dogs: a Great Dane and an English Mastiff. (Gail lives LARGE.)

These days, when Gail isn’t wandering through the woods, flipping over flat rocks and examining the creatures underneath, she’s painting and drawing. Her work is a reflection of her inner life. It isn’t pretty most of the time, but making art keeps the demons at bay.  See more of her work at:

Susan Powell:

Sue’s pure, watercolour landscape paintings capture the changing light, depth and mood of a forest, wetland, pasture or any other ecosystem within the Headwaters Region. Her passion is painting scenic landforms such as the Niagara Escarpment, the Bruce Peninsula and the rolling vistas and hills of Caledon, Erin, Mono and Mulmur. “My paintings are visual recordings of spaces that may or may not be here 5 to 10 years from now and that makes them more than just a pretty picture.” say Sue.

Her belief is that art can effect positive environmental change through the power of its imagery. Sue lives in the country, just north of the Village of Erin, Ontario. Her paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows, juried shows across Ontario including the Headwaters Arts Festival Show and Sale, J.B. Aird Gallery, and Decor Solutions Most recently Sue received an Award of Excellence from the Dufferin Arts Council for her painting depicting the Mulmur Hills at the Fresh Art, Fresh Air and Free Parking Show held this past spring in Etobicoke and Mono Centre.

Susan paints at her studio in Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville and at her home studio in Erin. Sue will take commissions. She is a member of Visual Arts Ontario, Guelph Arts Council, and Dufferin Arts Council. Please have a look through my gallery.

Rosemary Molesworth:

Rosemary Molesworth holds a B.A in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston. She followed this up with a three year program of study in Ceramics at the Sheridan School of Crafts & Design in Mississauga. She has participated in a number of major craft shows over the decades since (one of her pieces was featured on the ‘Signatures’ advertising for several years). Work contributed to past exhibits throughout Central Ontario has proved award winning. Rosemary is also one of the past contributors to ‘Reflections of the Conquest’ at the Woodstock Museum.

Rosemary’s interest in ancient cultures, rituals, and the world around her is reflected in her work. She use clay slips, stencils, line drawings & sgraffito to depict her interpretation of these eclectic influences. The use of stylized images in neutral tones on simple shapes is an attempt to retain a whimsical or humourous portrayal while establishing an emotional link with the viewer. She strives to produce unique handmade functional pottery that can be used & enjoyed.