MISSY by Deborah Jolly

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Artist:  Deborah Jolly

Donated by:  Dutch Masters Construction

Location:  Caledon Equestrian Park

200 Pine Avenue, Palgrave


Meet Missy

Promoting equine excellence within the Headwaters Region and the Pan American Games is my primary inspiration, as well as genuine honor.  As an abstract artist, I always stay true to my heart.  I fill my art with emotive expression, make it fun, and give it all I have!

At first glance Missy is self-assured.  She is bold and strong; thunderous perhaps.  As she draws you in, she reveals that she is more complex and intricate in nature than first thought, and she divulges her horse-loving prose as tiny treasures offered to those who come near enough to know more.

Visually, Missy‘s rich colours are inspired by, and embody, those found in our equine beauties.  And, with artistic freedom, gold, silver and bronze are used as a refined nod to the thrilling 2015 Pan Am Games!  Gold reigns on Missy because she is a straight-up winning horse!!

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About Deborah Jolly:


Caledon artist, Deborah Jolly, uses intense colour and alla prima techniques to create high-energy abstract works in oil and acrylic. An emerging artist, JOLLY uses her fingers, palette knives, and the occasional brush. Two years in, she has produced 250 works from her home studio in Caledon, Ontario, and has enjoyed success at five solo shows and 25+ juried shows.

JOLLY takes a fresh pure approach to art and is prolific by nature. She paints relentlessly; selling what she produces, rarely accepting commissions.

JOLLY’s works are held in Private Collections in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Glasgow, New York, Vancouver, and Tokyo as well as a Commercial Collection of 15 works held in Montreal, Canada.


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