THE CONQUEROR by Carolina Remmig-Drenters

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The Conqueror

Artist:  Carolina Remmig-Drenters

Donated by:  Angelo Santorelli (Trisan Construction)

Location:  Trisan Centre

25 Dillane Drive, Schomberg


Meet The Conqueror

The horse represents a native American Indian horse. In times of celebration they decorated their horses with dye made from flowers and trees. The hands were put on by each villager for a safe return and in spirit during times of battle.

For the Pan Am Games, I selected the colours of the Pan Am flag. The hands also represent the people of the 41 countries participating in the games.

The hands are open to welcome the people to our beautiful country, Canada.

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About Carolina Remmig-Drenters:

“Born & raised on a farm, the love of horses, the beauty of animals and nature, is such an inspiration to me.”

Carolina comes from a family of artists and has been painting since she was a young child.  Her brother, Joseph, was a member of the Royal Canadian Society of fine arts.  Her brother, Andreas, resides and has a sculpture studio in the Rockwood Academy.

With the encouragement of a former school teacher, family and friends, Carolina has followed her passion for painting and is influenced by such artists as Van Gogh (a relation on her maternal side), Vermeer, The Group of Seven and Emily Carr.

“Painting is for me, satisfying, calmness and peace.”


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