RAZZLE DAZZLE by Michaela Macleod, Scott Barker & Nicolas Croft

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Razzle Dazzle

Artist:  Michaela Macleod, Scott Barker & Nicolas Croft

Purchaser:  King Parks, Recreation & Culture

Location:  Nobleton Public Library

8 Sheardown Drive, Nobleton



About Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle was transformed by using a painting technique called Razzle Dazzle. This camouflaging technique uses bold geometric shapes in contrasting colors that interrupt and intersect each other. It was invented during WWI to make it difficult to estimate a target ship’s range, speed and heading. It worked by confusing the enemy rather than concealing the ship.

The Equestrian events taking place at the games will be dressage, eventing and jumping. These competitions will feature highly skilled riders able to calculate their horse’s range, speed, and heading, the same skills needed by naval officers during the war. The winner is always the ones with the fewest faults. Using this technique will investigate the relationship between rider and his horse or the target and its mark.









About the artists:

Michaela MacLeod

Michaela MacLeod works as a landscape designer and artist at POLYMÉTIS in New York City. She earned her professional degree in architecture from the University of Waterloo and was awarded the Ontario Association of Architects Guild Medal Award and the Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Scott Barker

Scott is an Architect with over 15 years experience working in Canada, the UK and Asia on challenging and innovative projects in all sectors. For eight years, he was Director of Design at Paul Raff Studio where he worked on notable award-winning projects including the Cascade House in Toronto, the Bluepoint Residences and Bluepoint Pavilion in Thailand. In addition to managing architectural teams and projects, Scott also managed the studio’s public artwork installations. Scott’s past work experience includes four years working in London, for two of the UK’s most celebrated young architecture and design firms, Block Architecture and Alison Brooks Architects. At Block, Scott was the project architect for renovations to the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford, and projects at Alison Brooks have gone on to win all three of the RIBA’s most prestigious awards; The Manser Medal (Salt house), The Stephen Lawrence Prize (Wrap house), and the Sterling Prize (Acordia), making it the first UK firm to ever win all three.

Nicholas Croft

Nicholas Croft is a New York City based architect and designer. He earned his professional degree in architecture with the American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal from Rhode Island School of Design and holds a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.