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Riding lessons, coaching and horse boarding at exclusive facility in the beautiful hills near Orton.   Indoor arena, sand dressage ring, outdoor jumping ring, oak board fences, lovely trails.

Charlotte Palmer-Benson, our coach, has trained with top riders in the US, Canada and England.  She competes in dressage and eventing, and is on the Board of Directors for the Caledon Cadora.

We are a hub for riding to hounds.  We have three former Masters of Foxhounds who board their horses with us, and we are in the heart of the territory for the Eglinton Caledon Hound Club.

“Return to Riding”,  is a program  in which we offer private coaching and individual support to get you back in the saddle after a break.   If you have ridden in the past, and for career, family or other reasons, you have ridden for a while, this program will give the practice you need to get riding again.