Mulmur Township

Municipal Office

Mulmur Township is considered by many to be a wee bit of heaven tucked away at the northeast corner of Dufferin county, about an hour’s drive northwest of the City of Toronto.

Mulmur straddles the famous Niagara Escarpment, an UNESCO World Biosphere Preserve. Consequently we have rich farm lands producing potatoes and many other fine crops on the level fertile land above the escarpment, we have steep slopes and river valleys surrounded by extensive forest along the escarpment, and we have rolling farmlands and rural areas below the escarpment.

The area was settled by Europeans, primarily the Irish, along with the English and Scots, in the 1830’s. The Township of Mulmur was incorporated in 1851 that’s right, 2001 marked our 150th birthday.

Mulmur Township has changed considerably over the years. From a primarily agricultural based economy of family farms, we became an area of weekend country retreats for many in the Toronto area, and more recently we have become home to a great many people who commute daily to the Greater Toronto area to jobs, as well as to industrial jobs brought closer to home by Honda in Alliston and the many suppliers of Honda in the area.

Managing this change has been, and will continue to be, one of our greatest challenges.