Melancthon Township

Municipal Office

Melancthon Township is located north and west of the Town of Shelburne. The Township encompasses approximately 31,264 hectares. The Township of Melancthon serves in its own unique manner supporting three hamlets Riverview, Corbetton, and Horning Mills.

The Hamlet of Hornings Mills is the largest community in Melancthon. Settled by a small number of families around 1830 as a milling centre, it has remained quite untouched. Most of the buildings in the hamlet are in fantastic condition and date back between 1850-1880. Stop in Hornings Mills and have a glance around, you’ll notice how amazing it is that the hamlet has not changed drastically in the time that has passed.

The Dufferin County Forest is found in the township with tracts running through the Riverview hamlet. The forest is 2,500 acres of nature, divided into twelve tracts across the Dufferin County. The Forest is home to wetland exploration and animals including beavers, racoons, bullfrogs, muskrats, white-tailed deer, and species of waterfowl. A number of trails offer recreational activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and horseback riding.

The Dufferin County Museum has been a popular tourist destination since 1994 that displays historic artifacts of the area in a barn structured building. The Museum is one of the most unique Canadian community museums. It displays the historical development in Dufferin County with showcases including thousands of archival documents and artifacts including Canadian glass and ceramics (notably, Corn Flower cut glassware), furniture, wagons, machinery, agricultural implements, clothing, quilts, archival documents, and photographs.

The main occupation in the Township is farming. Visitors to Melancthon are encouraged to buy and enjoy locally grown produce and meat.