Lothlorien Farm

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The Lothlorien farm property, over 500 acres in the rolling hills of Caledon in the town of Cheltenham, was purchased in 1974 by Sue Grange (nee Campbell and MacNamara). The barns were built and horses began to move in, in the fall of 1975. The farm was private, with Sue being the sole rider. It was the home of the “Cheltenham Gold Cup Horse Show” from 1977 to 1989. This horse show drew riders from all over North America – the big attraction being the World Cup Qualifier.

Over the years, there have been three professionals who have rented one of the barns at Lothlorien to run a boarding barn – Mac Cone, Torchy Millar, and Beth Underhill. However, throughout the entire time, Sue Grange continued to manage her barn as a private barn, and a separate entity altogether. It was decided, after Beth’s departure to return Lothlorien to a completely private facility.

Today, Lothlorien is operated by both Sue and her husband John. The farm is comprised of over 500 acres, a large amount of which is farmed and planted with various crops, the remainder being dedicated to the horses. It has several paddocks and run-in sheds, riding trails, a walker, treadmill, hydrotherapy machine, water treadmill, track, two indoor arenas, a sand ring and a grass grand prix ring with several natural obstacles. There are a total of 46 Lothlorien owned horses at the present time, consisting of standardbreds, broodmares, stallions, young horses as well as the horses that are currently showing throughout the world with Conor Swail, Ian Millar and Darrin Dlin. All of the Lothlorien horses are under the care and supervision of both Sue and barn manager Lori Green, and reside at the farm when they are not on the road showing.