Grelo Farms

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Grelo Farms is the first Lusitano breeding facility in Canada and home to over 30 horses. On a typical day, foals dance around their mothers in the field, while classical music rises out of the arena. Students enjoy the private interaction of tacking up their horse, ridding themselves of distraction as they prepare for their lesson. Groups often finish their lesson with a quadrille that requires a shift in focus, one which guarantees an energized student long after the hard work is over.

Riding Master Frank Grelo shares a rich heritage of Classical horsemanship with his students. He spent his youth learning from his father who was a blacksmith and cavalry officer, followed by masters of equitation throughout Europe (including the legendary Nuno Oliveira). His life has always revolved around the horse. Since the establishment of his riding school in 1978, he has devoted himself to breeding and training of the Lusitano horse while teaching the timeless art of Classical Riding to students from all points of the globe.