Graham Maycock

Dufferin County | Entertainment

Graham Maycock is an 18 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has been playing music ever since he was a little boy. “My mom signed me up for piano lessons when I was 8 and here I am today, loving it more than ever” says Graham. “Music has always been a big part of my life but I didn’t really start to see it as a possible career until I was 15”. He remembers sitting in class one day in grade 10 and thinking “why am I learning about all these useless math equations that don’t interest or excite me?” That very day Graham went home and began writing songs. “Songwriting was this new world that I slowly began to explore. Note by note and word by word it pulled me in.”

Graham had been writing songs to both sing and play on the piano for about a year when he heard John Mayer’s song ‘Gravity’. “That song gave me chills the first time I heard it and it still does to this day. It actually inspired me to learn the guitar. So I picked up my brother’s old out of tune guitar and taught myself how to play”. However, Graham says, “The part of the song I connected with the most was the lyrics. Lyrics have the ability to make or break a song. That’s why I focus so much time on trying to write really deep, meaningful lyrics”.

In February of 2015 Graham released his debut EP entitled ‘Words Less Spoken’. It was a 10 track EP of 5 original songs. The first 5 songs consist of keys, guitar, bass, drums and vocals and the last 5 songs are the same as the first but without bass or drums for more of an acoustic sound. “It was a fun experience to finally record the songs I had been writing for a couple years but there was definitely a lot of musical mistakes that I learned from. That’s the great thing about mistakes, you learn from them and learn how not to make them the next time around”.

Currently Graham is working with ex 54-40 drummer, Grammy and Juno nominated Darryl Neudorf who is producing Graham’s next Album. “It’s been an amazing opportunity working with a professional like Darryl. He has so much knowledge about the industry and music in general. This record is going to be a great success. I can already feel it!”