Glencal Farms

Breeders King Township

Glencal farms is a family owned-operated establishment founded in the fall of 1971. In 1972 Cal and Judy bought a herd of Holstein cows and milk quota; they were milking 30 head a day and doubled it to 60 and sold it in 2005. They then changed over to a beef operation. In 1974 they bought the farm beside them and turned it into their draft horse business. They have always grain farmed and cashed cropped around 2000 acres. Their first draft hitch was assembled and shown which was a 6- horse hitch of dapple grey geldings. They sold the hitch in 1998 to Stillwater farms in Schomberg. They then took a couple years off and started a new hitch of black geldings in the following years. They now successfully show a 6-horse hitch composed of mares and geldings across North America. Their draft horse herd consists of 2 stallions, 12 brood mares and breed a lot of outside mares. The success of their show string and breeding program is a great accomplishment because of the time and dedication of their son Calvin Lipsett jr. the owner of Calscott Percherons. Glencal farms would like to thank friends and neighbours that help them out every year on the farm and through the show season.