Coffey Creek Farm

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In 1996 Robin and Robert Ogilvie acquired 116 acres located in the rolling hills of Caledon, Ontario, known as Coffey Creek Farm. A new barn and indoor arena were constructed on the property to soon house their breeding operation of the Mountain Horse.

After previously having some frightening experiences with ill-suited horses, Robin Ogilvie set herself to researching different breeds, looking for the temperament and disposition that would make her relationship with horses enjoyable and safe.

The Mountain Horse breeds are known for their beauty, easy-going, friendly nature and smooth way of traveling, and it did not take Robin long to fall in love with this kind horse.

Robin’s initial acquisition was a few riding horses and a small double certified stallion who still stands stud on the farm.

Coffey Creek Farm has grown to care for over 20 horses. The farm offers weanlings to saddle horses, with training and lesson support if desired. In the last few years the Ogilvies have become successfully involved with the Mountain Horse show circuits in the United States.

It is the Ogilvies’ mission at Coffey Creek Farm to bring awareness to these breeds, to educate people about the Mountain Horse and to raise safe, well-schooled horses to be enjoyed and loved. Coffey Creek Farm is committed to quality not quantity.