Charlene Nickels – Alton Mill Arts Centre

Equine Art & Photography | Jewellery | Painter | Sculptor | Town of Caledon | Visual Arts & Crafts | Woodworking

Through the years Charlene Nickels has enjoyed experimenting with various media, including oils, acrylics, sculpting, pottery, woodworking and jewelry making.  About 13 years ago she decided to get back to painting and to try a media she had never ever tried-watercolors. It has become her passion- It is a beautiful and sensitive medium with a subtlety seldom found in other methods of painting with challenges that are tremendously rewarding.

Her membership with Beaux-Arts Brampton, The North Brampton Watercolour Society and the Brampton Arts Council are the catalysts for my need to paint. With her watercolours, “I am primarily a realist and my paintings are usually inspired by photos I’ve taken that have evoked a response within.”

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